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The products in LE Surfaces line are nature-inspired and influenced by professionals that understand what homeowners and commercial property owners are looking for. Millions of dollars are spent each year to improve our surface designs, colors, backgrounds and vein techniques. The result is the largest, most innovative, hand-crafted vein products in the world.

We offer seven distinctive classes of surfaces — each serving a specific purpose in providing a well-curated quartz offering. Because our product range is so extensive and to protect the confidentiality of our clients, we can only show a sampling of products within each class. Our entire range can be viewed by visiting our showroom in Nashville, TN.

Group 1 — Introductory Handcrafted Veins

The simplest and least expensive handcrafted quartz products. With simple backgrounds, thin veins and traditional patterns, these products are priced on the lower end of the spectrum — but essential for a well-curated quartz offering.

Group 2 — Soapstone-Inspired Products

Featuring neutral grey and black background complimented by white veins and unique patterns, our Soapstone-inspired products beautifully replicate and resemble its natural stone counterpart. Commonly offered in honed finish.

Group 3 — First-Generation Calacatta and Statuary

This family of traditional Calacatta patterns with bold veins and white backgrounds are offered to clients so they can fulfill long-standing specifications and existing business build-over from supply chain disruptions by tarrifs on goods from China.

Group 4 — Next-Generation Calacatta and Statuary

Often referred to as second-generation Calacatta and Statuary, the patterns and vein techniques used in this family of products are considered more innovative or striking to consumers and designers than those found in the first generation.

Group 5 — Quartzite-Inspired

White two-tone backgrounds add surface depth, with striking yet natural-looking grey and/or grey and gold veins — this class of products has quickly been adopted by distributors, designers and consumers across North America.

Group 6 — Dimensional Backgrounds

Undoubtedly the most representative of natural stone every seen in the quartz industry, these multi-dimensional backgrounds combined with striking pattern and neutral colors are sought after by distributors with discerning tastes.

Group 7 — Ultra-Wide Vein Calacatta

Proudly launched in June 2021, our ultra-wide vein products are our most innovative surfaces ever made. Produced with striking molds and a proprietary vein technology, it challenges nature and redefines the possibilities of quartz.

* The color(s) pictured may not available in the area you serve as it may be offered on an exclusive basis to one of our existing clients.


LE Surface is the global leader in quartz surface manufacturing, offering products of unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Our focus and competitive advantage rests in making the entire spectrum of beautiful, high-quality, veined quartz slabs.


Innovation is the key to fostering client growth, defending business and maintaining margins. With over 40 engineers and designers supporting a world-class production line, LE Surfaces is dedicated to developing never-before-seen design aesthetics.


We own and operate 3 factories located in South Korea, Thailand and China with over 30 production lines, shipping over 600 containers per month to over 30 countries. This makes LE Surfaces the largest handcrafted quartz manufacturer in the world.


LE Surfaces manufactures the equipment used in our factories. This vertical integration is essential to scale capacity to keep up with fast-growing demand and tailored specifically to produce the world’s most super-natural, handcrafted quartz products.

Raw Materials

Unlike most manufacturers, LE Surfaces sources and mixes its own quartz sand and powder in one of the largest mixers in world. We maintain strict quality control of the raw materials used to produce our quartz and never acid wash to mask imperfections.


Our commitment to supplying superior products is achieved with production that meets only the highest levels of quality and control, as well as stringent environmental standards. LE Surfaces are Greenguard®, NSF®/51 and Kosher certified.

About Us

LE Surfaces works in partnership with its clients — mostly large Original Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors — to provide high quality, differentiated quartz slabs that appeal to demanding consumers and specifiers.

LE China

LE Surface was founded over 15 years ago in a small Chinese town, Xinyang, located 500 miles west of Shanghai. With over 1 million square feet of manufacturing capacity under one roof, it is also the home to the LE Surfaces Innovation and Testing Lab.  This division is dedicated to ensuring that LE products offer unparalleled innovation, design, and quality.

8 Production Lines
LE Korea

With steep tariffs interrupting supply from China, LE Surfaces made the decision to expand its manufacturing footprint. In mid-2018, LE Surfaces formed LE Korea and embarked on building the largest facility in the world specializing in producing directional veins quartz slabs. Currently the factory operates 7 production lines, six days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

7 Production Lines
LE Thailand

As it became clear in mid-2020 that the demand for handcrafted quartz surfacing would soar in-spite of the pandemic, LE Surfaces embarked on building its third factory in Thailand. Built in record time, LE Thailand has eight production lines with two more being installed by the end of 2020. Once fully completed, this facility will operate 40 production lines.

10 Production Lines
LE North America

The exclusive marketing company and distributor for all products being imported into North America from all LE Surfaces facilities. LE North America is a joint venture between LE Surfaces and US Surfaces. LE North America, directly or through its partners, is the sole partner and investor in LE Korea, Thailand and North America.

2M Slabs Distributed Per Year

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